About Us

It was probably the summer of 2016 and I had gotten this idea in my head that I wanted to sell women's fashion. I spent all of my free time on the internet searching how to do so, I had no idea what I was even looking for most of the time. I even sent out private messages to other small clothing boutiques online asking them how they got started. I was so excited to start some sort of boutique I think I scared myself out of it. Long story short, I put that dream to bed real quick. I was scared! About two years after that, Scarlett Louise Boutique started one night in my kitchen. It was the end of the 2018 Wisconsin summer and we could feel that fall was on its way. My mom is quite the crafty wood worker and she asked me one day “would you like to help me at the next fall craft fair?”, and I said “hey I could make my own signs!” The name came from my beautiful daughter who’s first and middle name is Scarlett Louise. Next came my husband, because let’s be honest I didn’t know anything about wood and he was the expert. Hubby still measures, cuts, and routers all of the wood and I design, paint, and put it all together. We worked in the work shop (it’s just our garage) day and night until that first craft show. I realized that people loved the style of the signs I was making and then I started getting custom orders! Y’all have no idea how happy it makes me to create a custom order for a happy customer. Then one day I had this light bulb go off in my head and back came all of that women's fashion information I had stored up there. I still struggled with the idea of this for a few months and thank goodness for the people I had in my corner pushing me to do it, because I did it! Owning my own business is still a very scary thing somedays, but I wake up everyday happy and knowing that I love what I'm doing. Thank you to everyone past, present, and future for your support. Now here I am today trying to make ends meet by doing what I love most while raising my children. Oh and let's be honest one more time, I am in no way a model, just trying to showcase these clothes!
P.S. During the summer of 2018 I also went back to school and got my WI Real Estate Sales License. For all of my Wisconsin folks, I can help you buy or sell your house as well :)