Elderberry Syrup

Our homemade Elderberry Syrup is offered in store only to ensure its quality. Our Elderberry Syrup is made with all organic and natural ingredients therefor has no preservatives in it and it must remain refrigerated to maintain its freshness. 

6oz: $16

4oz: $11

Serving Instructions: 

Store in fridge. Can be stored for up to one (1) year.

For Children 12 and under: 1 tsp. daily for immune/allergy support, up to 3 times/day for cold and flu symptoms.

For Adults: 1 tbsp. daily for immune/allergy support, up to 3 times daily for cold and flu symptoms.


  •  Organic Elderberries
  •  Steam Distilled Water
  •  Organic Lemon Juice
  •  Organic Ginger Root
  •  Organic Cinnamon
  •  Organic Vanilla
  •  All Natural Kosher Cloves
  •  Organic/Local Raw Unfiltered Honey


Some Elderberry Information:

Elderberry is one of the most commonly used medicinal plants in the world. Traditionally Native Americans used it to treat infections, while the antient Egyptians used it to improve their complexions and heal burns. It's still gathered and used in folk medicine across many parts of Europe. Today Elderberry is most often taken as a supplement to treat cold and flu symptoms.