Gift Box Set of 6
Gift Box Set of 6
Gift Box Set of 6
Gift Box Set of 6
Gift Box Set of 6

Gift Box Set of 6

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How badly do you miss your BFF or family members during quarantine?! I know I do, a lot! Send someone special a gift box to let them know you miss them or that you're thinking of them. Boost their spirits :)

This is how the gift box works. Choose one (1) item from each list below to create a box of 6 items. The box will ship within 48 hours, for free! These boxes are only available for a limited time and/or until the boxes are all gone. After you place your order I will send YOU an email asking you to choose your 6 items from below. You will also have the option to send a personalized "hello" card along with your box.

These boxes are valued up to $100 worth of items, all for only $65!


-Item 1 (mugs, travel cups):

But First, Coffee

Mom Life

Tired As A Mother

Boss Lady


-Item 2 (scents, candles & reed diffusers):

I told my therapist about you - infused with regret & co-pays

Please don't do meth in our bathroom - infused with Common courtesy

"Leaves" (reed diffuser)

"Warm & Cozy" (reed diffuser)

"Cedar & Vanilla" (reed diffuser)


-Item 3 (Jewelry)

Cheetah Print Earrings

Black Stone Bracelet

Gray Slate Bracelet

White Trio Bracelet



Peppermint Lip Balm

Cherry Lip Balm

Warm & Cozy Wax Melts

CBD Bath Bomb

White Tea & Ginger Bath Bomb

Eucalyptus Bath Soak

Lavender Bath Soak

"You Strike My Fancy" Matches

"Lets Get Lit" Matches

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